SV Zone

Our SV Zone lens takes advantage of our in­-depth knowledge in personalised ophthalmic lens design to achieve the highest performance in clarity and comfort . The SV Zone design has been engineered with the capacity to produce any type of Single Vision free­form lens, no matter the frame, material, base curve or prescription.

This design is not just for standard prescriptions fitted to conventional Rx frames; SV Zone is also a high performance design perfect for complex orders such as high prescriptions or lenses optimised for wrap frames.

Thanks to Digital Ray­Path, each pair of SV Zone lenses can be calculated by entering real personalisation parameters or, when this data is not provided, using default values for these parameters.

Maximum performance can only be reached using all the personalisation parameters, however, for frames without pronounced wrap angles, the quality reached using the default values will be close to maximum.


Total personalisation

Maximum optical quality for any prescription

Compatible with any material and base curve

Thinner and lighter lenses

High precision and personalisation due to Digital Ray-Path technology

Clear vision in every gaze direction

Oblique astigmatism reduced

Possibility to input the frame shape for accurate optimisation

Frame shape optimisation available