Refine One Step (formerly Multi) 6 Month Pack

Product Code:M6MP

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Quick Overview

World’s first genuine one step solution



World’s first genuine one step solution
Easier for patients to use. Virtually eliminates patient non-compliance.

Contains a non-ionic surfactant cleaner
Activates during the early neutralisation stages, during the vigorous vortex cleansing of the lenses takes place, thus eliminating the need for a digital clean.

Contains 3% hydrogen peroxide
Proven disinfectant for contact lenses. Removes Acanthamoeba cysts.

Preservative free solution
Eliminates the risk of preservative uptake during storage.

Contains a lubricating agent
Enhances wearer comfort.

Includes anti-bacterial lens case
Anti-bacterial lining inside the Multi™ lens case ensures a cleaner soaking environment.