Delta Multi Pack

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Quick Overview

Delta Multi Pack



Delta Cleaner

  • Outstanding cleaning ability
  • Non-abrasive
  • Contains anionic and amphoteric surfactants
  • Removes Protein, lipid, dirt, cosmetic and other environmental contaminants
  • In-vitro studies carried out at Aston University showed that the Delta Cleaner outperformed the benchmark cleaner – LC65
  • Only available to eye care professionals

Delta Plus Disinfecting, Soaking and Wetting Solution

  • Contains polyhexanide for outstanding anti microbial activity.
  • Does not contain chlorhexidine.
  • Not too viscous allowing effective rinsing of cleaning solution from the lens.
  • Contains wetting, conditioning, cushioning and sequestering agents.
  • Patients will ‘feel the difference’ with Delta Plus particularly when placing the lens in the eye.
  • Only available to eye care professionals.