MacuSave 90 pack

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Quick Overview

Macu-SAVE Ingredients

  • 10mg Meso-Zeaxanthin

  • 10mg Lutein

  • 2mg of Zeaxanthin

Overall, these ingredients should work as advertised in these dosages to protect your eye health. They’re widely recognized in research performed around the world, and the doses are similar to the doses found in other eye health supplements.



Macu-SAVE is a nutritional supplement that promises to improve the health of your eye in order to prevent macular damage. Here’s our Macu-SAVE review.

What Is Macu-SAVE?

Macu-SAVE is a once-a-day supplement that comes in the form of a capsule. You take the capsule to enrich the macular pigment in your eyes, helping to reduce macular damage and preserve your eye health as you age.

The supplement specifically helps your eye by providing it with all three key macular carotenoids – the compounds in your eye that help you see more effectively.

We get carotenoids from the foods we eat. However, most of us don’t get a sufficient amount every day. You would need to get 9 eggs every day, for example, to get the equivalent amount found in one serving of Macu-SAVE.

The makers of Macu-SAVE claim you can avoid Age Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) by taking the supplement daily. AMD is estimated to affect approximately 3.5 million people in the UK. In America, that number is estimated at around 11 million.

How Does Macu-SAVE Work?

Macu-SAVE uses three active ingredients to improve the health of your eyes, including lutein, zeaxanthin, and meso-zeaxanthin. These ingredients are derived using extracts of the marigold flower.

According to the makers of Macu-SAVE, the ingredients are “also the same three macular carotenoids found in high concentrations in the back of the eye within the yellow coloured filter or macular pigment which is believed to protect the macular against damaging visible blue light or oxidative stress.”

They go on to explain that the precise combination of carotenoids is thought to be “of particular benefit” when it comes to eye health. That’s because many people with poor diets do not get sufficient supplies of foods rich with the three ingredients listed above.

So do you really need Macu-SAVE? Well, if you don’t get sufficient carotenoids from the foods you eat, then Macu-SAVE may be able to fill in the gaps. Some of the foods rich with carotenoids include broccoli (lutein), eggs (lutein and zeaxanthin), kale (lutein), and leeks (lutein).

However, Macu-SAVE claims you need to eat a lot of the above foods in order to get the same dosages found in one serving of Macu-SAVE. You would need to eat 287g of leeks, for example, 9 eggs, or 10,000g of trout.